garden expanding & improving


The frustful september brought two new living organisms to our house; the shiitake mushroom culture, that found a perfect place in the cellar bathroom. (It´s almost like a new resident and we affectionately call him Wyndem...)
and secondly the Bokashi buckets, that swallow our organic waste and create good stuff for the garden out of it. The wonderful Bokashi juice is full of nutrients, is alive with micro-organisms and it can be used in the garden. 

We have had this for a month now, since two weeks I water the plants with the diluted bokashi-juice ( 0,5 dl to one 10-litre watering can), and I´ve got the feeling that we already see positive results: A rose started blossoming again and one single gladiolus finally...yes finally shows buds!!!

I happened to be the only one home when the harvesting of Wyndem was due. so I had the pleasure to get a taste of our home grown shiitake mushroom. I prepared it with a recepy i found in the net: Shiitake in white wine sauce with sage from the back of the garden... here link to the recepy in german
It was delicious!

sorry its not very tempting food pic but I was too hungry to create artistic food light set!!! XP