Garden....and its Prince and Popesses

Antonie-Leins Garden is growing and  it seems that the snails did not get everything: we see some exiting forms this week; welcome the pumpkins!! the zucchinis! the cucumbers! tomatoes!!
You might think "its easy to grow pupmpkins" but I have to say, it´s my cheerful first time it working out! (Last year the snails ate all...)  Its a matter of finding the right place and light and picking the snails every evening and every morning... (also choosing the right seeds is essential).

so as its a lot of work (but also fun) my respect towards every grown vegetable in a supermarket has gone up again enormously. 

finally gathered what is the best place for the tomatoes: they love our storage room with the big window on the south side ;) Amazing how something so big can grow from so small boxes! 

the pumpkins soon take over the fireplace!
you can hardly see the potatoes that grow midst the pumpkins. (they havent started blossoming yet. I wonder if they are that sort of potatoes that doesnt blossom at all?)

I thought this was the cucumber plant and seriously wondered if cucumbers firstly become yellow...until I found the little prince!  look at him, he is so qute!!( approx 3 cm long):

and here is my other favorite, the Popess:


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